Konrad Koselleck @ Jazz for Syria – The Hague (NL)


Bandleader Konrad Koselleck is known as one of the top arrangers in the Netherlands. His subtle approach, enthusiasm, humour and boundless skill resounds a great sense of entertainment

He started at a young age as a trumpeter. As a teen Konrad moved to the piano. As a jazz pianist, he continued his studies at the Hilversum Conservatory. Later on he added arrangement and composition of light music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

After training with pianist Frans Elsen and the famous film composer Rob Madna he soon made a name as an arranger. Konrad is well known for his work for the Ricciotti Ensemble for example Dutch Wind Ensemble. Koselleck also taught at the DJAM jazz department, he gave numerous workshops including many at Rotterdam Conservatory. He worked a lot with theatre for the Amsterdam Theatre Academy and the entertaining and humorous Comedy Band. After starting his band in 2004, this colourful and versatile background still inspires him to write new shows for his Konrad Koselleck Big Band



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